There are 2578 Characters on 1796 Accounts who play in Tibiana
IP: | Client: 8.6 | Port: 7171


- Website improved and remade
- Osbidian Knife now works perfect
- Fixed Blessed Wooden Stake
- Added 2 new tasks: Frost Dragon and Grim Reaper
- Added Zombie Event
- Added Custom Client
- Rashid is now buying all kind of items
- Loot's from Ferumbras/Morgaroth % and items increased
- Lich hell entrance fixed
- Now pick isnt necessary to do POI Quest
- Infernal bolts now do more damage.
- Now Captain Max is selling helmet of the deep (able to obtain coral comb too).
- Added new command to Anti-Intruse War: /citywar kick, playername. (Only for leaders to kick a own member afk)
- If ues/waves are disabled, "utevo res" will be disabled too (Anti-Intruse).
- Added better respawns in Tamesis Castle.
- Rashid is buying Composite Hornbow's.
- NPC Oiriz Fixed.
- Wote Quest Fixed.
- Fire Axe Quest Fixed.
- Task System: Fixed Minotaur Task and changed other monsters amounts of kills.
- !buy command is available again (fixed).
- Warzones (level 120 min) and increased price of teleport crystals.
- Fixed some sqm bugs in Zao.
- Some items names fixed.
- Another minor map bugs fixed.
- Now using hunter addon you get +5 Distance.
- Now using assassin addon you get +2 Distance (But has more hp and speed stats).

Newest Changes and Updates
In order to improve Tibiana, we are working hard every day to give us the best. In this last days, we have made some changes in the server such a: New quests, items, systems etc that we would like to explain you as better as possible below:

We have added 3 new Quests
1- Claw of The Noxious Spawn Quest x
(+30 speed).
It's like a glove and you can't wear a ring on it. It's like a time ring.
Difficulty: Normal
2- Dragon Scale Legs Quest x
(Arm:10, protection physical +4%, death +3%).
It can only be wielded properly by players of level 8 or higher.
Difficulty: Easy
3- Nigthmare Shield Quest x
(Def:38, +15 speed).
It was crafted by the ancient order of the nightmare knights.
Difficulty: Hard

Note: There are also another 2 quests: Firewalker Boots Quest and Weapons Quest



Each hour Lottery Winners
Everyday, each hour, a player will be rewarded with a random item just for staying online with us. The winner will be randomly selected, we will be adding/removing items from this system depending on the player requests. In this moment, rewards availables are: crystal coins, event coins, stamina and exp scrolls. Good Luck!


Please remember that you can report any kind of bugs using the command !bugreport in order to help us to continue improving the server. Depending on the size of the bug you can be awarded with some premmium points!

Enjoy and have fun!
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