There are 2101 Characters on 1628 Accounts who play in Kayena
IP: | Client: 8.6 | Port: 7171


Information for GUILDS:

- This Sunday, we are going to do our first Guild Tournament
- Remember to GUILDS that you can obtain guildpoints typing command: !guildpoints
- Have you tried our Noobwar System?

Additional Information:

- Remember also that in Warzones you can obtain 1 stamina every 20h, but the stamina is set randomly in 1 of those 3 warzones.
- Added Kayena's Leg Quest (Very Easy +130lvl)
- You can do too firewalker boots quest (they are not in the shop, and are better than soft boots)
- We have added Downloads section in which you can download our Kayena Custom Client and more.
- We are going to add too a "videos" section, so if you have any kind of video of our server please let us know.
- Remember that Venezuela's donation are not working properly with all companies, so be careful when donation from here.
- Tomorrow we will add a Paypal x2 donation promo, only until sunday.
- If you have found any kind of bug please do not hesitate to help us, type command !bugreport and we will solve it.


Enjoy and have fun!
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